How To Finally Ditch The Yo-Yo Dieting
Feel Confident In Your Own Skin
Regain Control Of Your Life, Health & happiness
- Without Making Huge Sacrifices -
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a 60 minute workshop

SATURDAY 20th February 2021 

at 10:00am UK Time


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Does this sound familiar?
You’re always on a diet and your relationship with food is turbulent

You avoid mirrors, intimacy, being touched - because you’re uncomfortable with your body

You lack a sense of purpose, direction and control in your life

You constantly start things with enthusiasm but soon give up

You wonder why you can’t, no matter what you do - get unstuck from your rut

And….you have a unnerving feeling that life is passing by without fully engaging in it?

But you want to....

Wake up in the morning with vibrancy and positivity

Ditch dieting for good and heal your relationship with food

Increase your self esteem and self worth

Be the best version of YOU for YOU - and those you love

Move your body because you want to and enjoy it - not because you have to

Be (and act) confident in your own skin

Regain control so you’re consciously directing your life

Here's what you need to know...
It’s our life’s work to reawaken people just like you - to what’s possible.
To remind you of your potential.

That's why - in this 60 minute live workshop, we'll share the REAL TRUTH of how to create massive change.

Mentally, physically and emotionally. And stay there.

It’s the fundamental piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing.
And what other approaches fail to deliver.

We discovered this in our own lives many years ago. We’ve tried and tested it now on many mid lifers. And it’s the foundation for whether you stay stuck in self sabotage or free yourself to move forward.

It’s the magic behind long term weight loss, long term health, long term confidence, long term fulfilment.

You’ll want to bring a pen, paper as it's going to be a super informative session - with many a-ha moments!

We're multiple award winners for our science based approach, co-authors of a bestselling book, regular speakers and press commentators.

Our qualifications include Psychology degrees, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Stress Management, Personal Training, Nutrition, Life & Business Coaching.

And we worked in media for 15 years in London before setting ourselves free to do what we love - first in Ibiza and now in Marbella.
We now split our time between there and Hampstead in London.

We promise an anti-fad, anti-influencer approach. No fancy stuff of psuedo BS. Just real, raw, authentic vulnerablity, steeped in years of professional and personal experience.
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