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James & Claire

(The Midlife Mentors)

Claire & James Davis are a mid life, multi-award winning duo and owners of world renowned fitness brand
'38 Degrees North' and creators of the phenomenally successful, five-star rated ‘The Midlife Mentors’ podcast, which has hit the top ten charts in both the US and UK.

The Midlife Method has been developed over the past 10 years – backed by years of research, experience and client transformations – that’s had a profound and lasting impact on the lives it’s touched.

The science based method promises strength and resilience in body, mind and emotional wellbeing– giving clients the ultimate step by step toolkit they need to transform their quality of life - so they feel alive, connected and the best version of themselves.
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“I just wanted to say thank you, I realise before I met you I was in denial about my fitness… The way you communicate things is motivational, inspirational, scientific, factual. It gets into the core of you because you bring love…"

“They are completely different from anyone I’ve met before… They helped me change my mindset… They are so knowledgeable, so passionate about health and fitness being a part of your life. So if that’s what you’re looking for honestly working with these guys is exactly where you need to start.” 
“I had a big goal to get to for my 40th birthday, I had a certain look and feel I wanted to get to. Claire was my rock… I was able to reach my goal which was to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I was able to walk into my 40th birthday feeling radiant and fabulous… Claire and James are fabulous, really unique, really fun. I completely recommend working with them, they’ve been a game changer in my life.”
"Claire and James have been fantastic… it’s been a complete lifestyle change for me and I love it… They provide you with so much encouragement and support… What sets them apart is their attitude, their friendliness, being down to earth… It’s all about balance and focus on mindset and nutrition and just really supportive.”
“I love working with Claire, it’s like working with a friend… She has so much energy… It was feeling energised and motivated, she was giving me tools for my life… taught me these tricks that took 3 minutes in the morning and would total revolutionise my day and leave me feeling happy all day long.”
“I wanted to get back into fitness again and get some weight off… I’ve wowed myself with how much I could do… they’ve coached me along… it spurs you on and so do Claire and James. I’ve realised I can do so much on my own, I don’t need a gym, I can do everything myself, I can motivate myself… I feel pumped… I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of it."
“What made me choose Claire was her positivity, her ethos to always help her clients no matter what and her belief and willingness to want to change people. She gave me techniques on how to deal with stress and how to believe in myself which I still use to this day… I’ve never been happier.”
“I had a fantastic experience… It was about resetting your mind and habits and I would never thought when I started this… that even when travelling 10 weeks afterwards that I would be waking up each morning and doing HIIT and making better choices … I loved the approach... Absolutely fantastic.”
“I've been kickstarted into a whole new healthy lifestyle!”

"I was quite apprehensive before starting my course, I was totally burnt out, but Claire was so warm and took great care of me through the process and I had an amazing experience! It was completely as they said it was!"

"I've had many fitness coaches before, but Claire & James are completely different than any fitness coach I have met before, they are so knowledgable and encouraging.
These are the guys you need, if you are looking to get started!"

"Learning about their personal understanding of holistic wellbeing is life changing, there is no reason not to recommend working with James & Claire"
“Clair & James get you to restarted and gets you going with new habits and techniques you can implement into your daily life! the time with them has been absolutely been amazing!”
“What an amazing experience, hadn’t been excersising for 6 monhts, didnt know what to expect.. wow!

I have muscle, I can eat, I feel regular, I feel happy, I got energy.. My mindset is now  slightly different, instead of being in the same old rut. Im going to continue this work, and im going to smash it!”


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